Theresa Kelly - Travel, Leisure Lifestyle, Interiors, Brand Photographer

Theresa Kelly is a travel, lifestyle and fashion photographer based in New York.

Theresa's work is imbued with an unassailable feeling of story. Her transportive photographs invariably capture the essence of any thing she sees.

Each intriguing frame illuminates the soul of her subjects, creating a perfect blend of truth and escapism.

Clients include:

Ritz Carlton Nomad, José Andrés, Flag Luxury Group, Tracy Marcus


My life is built around THE pursuit of beauty AND THE DESIRE TO SHARE STORIES WITHOUT WORDS

From a childhood remembered through Kodak disposable cameras and into the high school dark room, I've always felt captivated by the experiences around me. Entirely self taught in both skill and vision, I took this passion around the world. Backpacking for over a decade, I traveled over 40 countries while making my way with creative freelance work, film cameras always along for the ride.

As a travel photographer, I remain always in awe and wonder. I have mastered the art of creating stunning captures through a truly unique vision of my own, not as it has been seen or done before.

As one of the world's most saught after luxury destination wedding photographers, my high net worth clientele demands uncommon artistry, cinematic storytelling, and pure authenticity. Myself and a handful of others set a trend shooting in an unscripted, luxurious, perfectly imperfect film-inspired style bringing back a timeless aesthetic that now dominates the world of modern luxury events.